Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

Finance – providing critical alternatives to budget forcasts and projections, strategic planning, financial statement analysis, financial management reports, business plans, capital expenditures decisions, systems upgrades and conversions, and all functions that will help our clients crunch the numbers and make better decisions.

Accounting – includes bookkeeping, as elaborated below, plus ensuring the integrity of accounts via reconciliations.  Other services may include the generation of various reports as necessary for a more detailed and meaningful business insight. 

Forensic Accounting  in situations where better assurance is needed on suspected irregularities in the existing accounting or system, forensic accounting may be necessary.

Bookkeeping – this is our most popular and in-demand service for small businesses that choose not to hire a full time employee to do the bookkeeping functions due to insufficient accounting workload, and at the same time avoid paying the employer’s share of payroll taxes.  Financial statements are generated at period end, usually monthly, to help business owners monitor or plan their business.


Tax Advisory and Negotiations – this service is for filing required taxes and negotiating with the tax authorities on extensions and reductions.

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